deadsongs.vue.130 : Maybe You Know
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Maybe You Know
w&m: Mydland
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deadsongs.vue.130 : Maybe You Know
permalink #1 of 1: Alex Allan (alexallan) Mon 8 Sep 03 21:20
Maybe You Know 
Lyrics: Brent Mydland
Music: Brent Mydland

Copyright Ice Nine Publishing; used by permission.

Have you ever wanted something
Wanted it so [burnin'/fuckin'] bad
That you'd lie, that you'd cheat
That you'd fight in the street
A chance to lose what little you had

Maybe you know how I'm feeling
Maybe you know how I feel
Maybe you know how I'm feeling
But maybe to you, I don't seem so real

I've been hearing for a long time
I still hear about some long-term plan
I ain't gettin' younger
Got tired of wandering
I was promised a rock and I own this is sand


Time is only wasted
On talking that is taking life
When it all comes down
You're really covering ground
I know I'll get more done tonight


Now you don't owe me nothing
So don't take it so personally
There's only one way
To make it today
And I'm doing all I can for me


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