deadsongs.vue.193 : Sugaree
permalink #26 of 27: Robin Russell (rrussell8) Mon 16 May 11 00:58
I'm not so sure. In context, the laying awake seems more like laying
awake and worrying:

You thought you was the cool fool
And never would do no wrong
You had everything sewed up tight
How come you lay awake all night long
deadsongs.vue.193 : Sugaree
permalink #27 of 27: David Dodd (ddodd) Wed 23 May 12 09:20
Posted by request of "Brent":

I have wondered about the meanings of certain GD tunes as well.
Sugaree ranks at the top of the "meanings" list. I read online (years
ago) that Sugaree had a "rough-romantic" quality to it. The "
you at the jubilee...if that jubilee dont come....maybe I'll meet you
on the run..." reference Ive always thought fell to either the 'lovers'
side of the fence, or the 'death' side of the proverbial fence(shake
it Sugaree). The idea of Sugaree equating to a story of slave and a
masters wife forbidden love is interesting for sure. Yet, I have a
friend who thought it was about a guy in the bay area being murdered.
From the conversation, I gathered that the man murdered had something
to do with 2-3 dance halls in & around SF/Oakland. Maybe something to
do with a monopoly some folks may have tried with the dance halls....
Anyone ever heard this story before, or, is my friend full of
poppycock? (all-apologies for the long post)

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