deadsongs.vue.48 : Cream Puff War
permalink #0 of 2: David Dodd (ddodd) Tue 2 Sep 03 15:05
Cream Puff War
w&m: Garcia
deadsongs.vue.48 : Cream Puff War
permalink #1 of 2: Alex Allan (alexallan) Tue 2 Sep 03 18:46
Cream Puff War 
Lyrics: Jerry Garcia
Music: Jerry Garcia

Copyright Ice Nine Publishing; used by permission.

No, no, she can't take your mind and leave
I know it's just another trick she's got up her sleeve
I can't believe that she really wants you to die
After all, it's more than enough to pay for your lie

Wait a minute, watch what you're doing with your time
All the endless ruins of the past must stay behind, yeah

Well, can't you see that you're killing each other's soul
You're both out in the streets and you got no place to go
Your constant battles are getting to be a bore
So go somewhere else and continue your cream puff war

deadsongs.vue.48 : Cream Puff War
permalink #2 of 2: Alex Allan (alexallan) Sat 16 Apr 05 06:27
The version on "Rare Cuts and Oddities" has a different chorus:

You can't be straight with each other 
  for more than a minute at a time
Though it's all in the past, you just won't leave it behind

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