deadsongs.vue.7 : Alice D Millionaire
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Alice D Millionaire 
w&m: Grateful Dead
deadsongs.vue.7 : Alice D Millionaire
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Alice D Millionaire 
Lyrics: Grateful Dead
Music: Grateful Dead

Copyright Ice Nine Publishing; used by permission.

You say you're living in a world of trouble
All your schemes have popped like a bubble
Your mother told your sister
And your brother told your friend
Now your secret's out, and you don't have to pretend
You can see for yourself, it's really not the end

You're standing there with tears in your eyes
There's too much going on now, there's no time to cry

You say the walls are closing in on you child
All your friends have put you in exile
Bad luck seems to follow you all around the world
You can't seem to find no peace of mind girl
You will take a chance to seem so bad


Every minute is a brand new day
And there are some games that I'd just love to play
Even bad scenes are for real, there's no time to cry

Since you left your old scene behind you
Go ahead and let the green light find you
It's warm and friendly girl and it won't blind you
Come out in the street and the weeds won't grind you
See the love is in the air, you feel it all around you


Your yesterday's are all left behind
There's a brand new light in your mind
You don't need a key to define
What's written on the magic sign
There's no time to cry

When the season of the magic lantern
Is transformed into a funny pattern
And the wheel of fortune has a flat tire
You can't seem to get any higher
When you go above the [?] machine, you find a horseshoe


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