deadsongs.vue.85 : Good Lovin'
permalink #0 of 7: David Dodd (ddodd) Wed 3 Sep 03 12:52
Good Lovin'
w&m: Resnick, Clark
deadsongs.vue.85 : Good Lovin'
permalink #1 of 7: David Gans (tnf) Sun 6 Apr 08 20:17

Today on Sirius Satellite Radio we did a program on "The Grateful Dead as
Cover Band."  One of our guests was Eric Levy, who is seriously into tracing
the origins of songs the Dead, Jerry, et al. adopted.

One of the listeners who called in told us he was a nephew of Artie Resnick,
co-author (with Rudy Clark) of "Good Lovin'."

Eric had a recording of the song by Lemme B Good, credited only to R. Clark.
We put Eric and the caller in contact after the show, Eric hoping we could
get through to Artie Resnick to ask him what the deal was regarding the
authorship of the song.

I just got this email from Eric:

> I just got off the phone with Artie Resnick! He confirmed that he re-wrote
> the song after Rudy Clark wrote an earlier version. He didn't remember the
> name Lemme B. Good, but he gave me Clark's e-mail address, so I've asked
> him if he can remember any details. I'll let you know what he says. Resnick
> said he knew the song had arrived when the Grateful Dead covered it!

So cool.
deadsongs.vue.85 : Good Lovin'
permalink #2 of 7: Kosher Swan (shmo) Mon 7 Apr 08 00:04

Eric rocks!
deadsongs.vue.85 : Good Lovin'
permalink #3 of 7: William Hale (hinging0) Wed 4 Jun 08 01:01
"I was feeeeling,
xref: "how does it feel?"

"oh so bad,"
xref: "i want you bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad,"

"I asked,"
xref; "Ask and it shall be given unto you... Seek, and ye shall find,"

"My family doctor..."
xref: "Rock Med"? 

xref: Who put the 'test' in "Electric Kool..."?

"Just what I had..."
xref: 'To' vs. 'Fromm', Eric, experimental psychologist?

xref: "Feel your way, feel you way, like the day before,"?

Ergo, what you 'have' has to do with what you 'had'?

"I said..." xref: format of the Qur~an, "Say..." - prescriptive
didactic situational logic that applies general logic to the smallest

"I said doctor,"
"Doctor!" (Did anyone sing the echo refrain back up vocals in the
cover? Was that when who and his wife were with the band?

"Mr. MD..." Signs of respect, as well as boldness. Brave and fair. The
straight way for deadheads... no hiding and dieing on the bus. You get
sick you go to who has authority and knowledge, even if that means an
AMA physician, right?

"You gotta tell me," and here is where the hint of desperation and
real life comes in; xref: "I got burned by a ring of fire," (Cash,

"What's ailin' me,"
A nice Gallic way of putting it, no?

Then how does it go from there? Who gets to throwin "yea's back and
forth with a nice sustained "Pllllleeeasse all I realllly need is..."

perfect for the hammond b3, and the synpatic focus?

Then the "gimme, gimme, that good good lovin'" bustle of the market
place, vendors and the dealers lend a hand?

The Young Rascals.
The Italian Mafia's childhood innocence of deadom in knicker pants?
Las Vegas style over statement yet a soft spot in the heart? xrf:
Pedagree dog jumped the fence: dead heads on the loose?

Jewish Mafia?

LSD Mafia?

Then later... Cocaine and Heroin mafias?

Touch and motion mafias?

Mafia = family who eats under the table, but who may be working for
the right to eat ON the table; xref: Episcopalian liturgy, "For we are
not worthy to gather up the crumbs under thy table,"

But you have the right to eat ON the table, NOT under the table.

xref: Self Control 101
xref: Controlled substances 101: the history of how certain controlle
substances became forbidden in the United States. 2 units credit.
Offered again in the spring.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

"it's a beautiful mornin'... I think I'll go outside for a walk..."
Urban roots? "Saturday, in the park, I believe it was the 4th of July
i..." Whoops, That' CTA...  xref: "Didn't come back until the fourth of
July walkin' the dog, just a walkin' the dog..." xref: First bag is
now $15, no longer free.


BMI and ASCA{ catatlogues xrefed: with PDM? Physicians Desk Manual? 

g-mail that can send you songs as well as ads?

Yahoo always on Q & Q style chat with G-mail song sift and valentine
candy hart sound bites on command, or at your side by 'bot decision?
"How to train your bots 101"?

xref: Every Robot needs a Human?

"all of my life..."

"Bring me your higher love..." "What's your name? What's your name?
You took a powerful drug, but it's going to wear off, can you tell me
your name?" Wavey Gravy's Woodstock method that got about as good
results as the AMA's approach.

Rock Med

"...and who don't want to get to heavy... crushed in whose purple
haze, and who don't want to get to thin in whose straw berry feel eel

"I was feel in'

"feelin' groovy, la da da da da da da feel in' groovy...

"And feelin like this, I just can't go on anymore ore..."

Feel your way feel your way, like the day be fore...

Magic: the science we don't understand yet...

Fe Fe fi Fi fo fo fum, I smell smoke in the auditorium, Charlie


An oath of fealty... loyalty...
Can you trust your feelings?
Can you trust your instincts on this?

Or are you out of familiar territory?

I'm not often right, but I've never been wrong...

Sorry, I thought this topic was "Gimme Some Lovin'" maybe the organ
sound in both got me to misread it?
deadsongs.vue.85 : Good Lovin'
permalink #4 of 7: David Gans (tnf) Wed 4 Jun 08 09:50
deadsongs.vue.85 : Good Lovin'
permalink #5 of 7: David Dodd (ddodd) Wed 4 Jun 08 11:04
Oh, hurray! This is the greatest thing in this conference yet. Thanks!
deadsongs.vue.85 : Good Lovin'
permalink #6 of 7: Robin Russell (rrussell8) Fri 6 Jun 08 10:53
That set the bar higher by a good deal.
deadsongs.vue.85 : Good Lovin'
permalink #7 of 7: Marked from the Day That I was Born (ssol) Fri 6 Jun 08 14:39
xref indeed!

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