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A continuation of Topic 144 for the new year.
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Here's how Topic 144 was going when it ended:

Topic 144 [inkwell.vue]:  Neil Gaiman's Goldfish Swapmeet
#1959 of 1962: Glen's attempt at wit (notshakespeare)      Thu Dec 19 '02
)     8 lines

 For the group's next title, how about:

 A Long Topic About Neil Gaiman

 y'know, instead of a short film...

 Well, alright then.  Let's hear the idea you came up with while
 ignoring you alarm clock.

Topic 144 [inkwell.vue]:  Neil Gaiman's Goldfish Swapmeet
#1960 of 1962: Glen's attempt at wit (notshakespeare)      Thu Dec 19 '02
)     8 lines

 Oh hey,

 Cafe Press just sent me a little note about the fact that I haven't
 sold anything in 3 months.  So, if you've been putting off buying your
 "Scary Trousers" shirt, or the new 3 fish postcards, let me know so I
 don't close the store before you order something.,GaimanPants

Topic 144 [inkwell.vue]:  Neil Gaiman's Goldfish Swapmeet
#1961 of 1962: Erynn Miles (erynn-miles)      Thu Dec 19 '02 (10:44)    49

 Hello everyone! I'm in Bloomington Indiana now. Safe and sound in a
 HUGE apartment that is very, very nice. We're almost all unpacked. This
 has been one hell of a month, and I miss Cleveland, but I'm SO happy
 that we moved. Our building is right next to a Borders AND Barnes and
 Nobles AND a comics store AND a used paperback shop. I nearly fainted.
 I can't wait until I get money again. This is going to be very
 dangerous I can tell. I already visited the Comics store. I couldn't
 help myself. I wasn't supposed to spend any money, but I bought the
 Sandman King of Dreams calendar as a christmas present to myself. It's
   I got a job at an upscale Chinese restaurant. I get to wear a tux!
 hahaha. There's even a shark tank. A waiter pulled me aside on the way
 out and said, "Girl, you're about to make phat cash." As soon as I got
 outside I burst into tears of joy. We went to hell and back and now
 things are finally working out. My sister (who lives with us now) got a
 job at Wet Seal which means she can get me clothes 30-40% off. I think
 Jess will be working for UPS. He has an interview Monday. We just
 finished putting his studio together this morning. He hasn't come out
    We bought a little white ford truck. Jess named it Barry, the
 Abominable Snow Beastie.
    It sucks that we had to miss Tori, but I'm sure she'll come here
 sometime soon. I hope.
    I guess my story is up at Aphelion now. I'm getting e-mails from
 relatives about it. Most of them are saying that they think it should
 be made into a movie. I'm noticing a lot of weak verbs and cheesiness.
 How embarrassing.

 Neil- Tori wrote the stories? That's fabulous! I need to go read your
 journal. I'm behind on Neil News, I'm afraid.

 Danw- It sounds like you need to direct the next film....

 Mary- Right before my sister moved in with us, she got to ride in
 Counting Crow's tour bus and got front row center seats in Chicago. She
 didn't have sex with any of them, but she has pictures of herself and
 a friend in Adam Duritz's bed. The crew invited her to go to Nashville
 with them, but she knew the price so she turned them down. Now she
 plays their albums nonstop. It's actually kind of annoying. I wish I
 had a scanner though. The pictures are hilarious.

 Rocky- I've heard of China Melville, I think. which books would you

 Patricia- Blast! Well, you can visit me in Bloomy. I work at a much
 nicer restaurant now anyway with cute little Chinese men.

 I know I'm missing people. I'll have to come back later. It's time to
 go to my new job! Weeeee!

Topic 144 [inkwell.vue]:  Neil Gaiman's Goldfish Swapmeet
#1962 of 1962: Dodge (hnowell)      Thu Dec 19 '02 (12:43)    15 lines

 I FINALLY got my copy of Coraline. I was going to get it at Sam's
 because their website said they had it and I was thinking of having
 them mail it to me because I couldn't actually FIND it there.
 So today I went to Barnes and Noble because one of my bosses likes
 their calendars for her appointments so I get them for her for
 Christmas. So, naturally, being right there...   Geez. I thought I was
 going to have to go back to the front where the information desk is to
 find it 'cause it was hiding NOT where I thought it should be. The
 Gaiman section of Science Fiction did not have it. It was not on the
 rounders in the Fiction or Children aisles - those were all Christmas
 story books. I finally found it in the Young Adolescent fiction, I
 think, in order by the author, the G's. Sigh. But I got it. And, of
 course, you all know what a terrible hardship it is to wander the
 aisles in a bookstore. I did manage to get out with under $50 in books.
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #2 of 1922: Pamela Basham (pamela-bird) Thu 19 Dec 02 16:08
Martha: I see that power has its uses. ;-)  Well, here's hoping we can
live up to our new moniker.

Erynn: Many, many congratulations.  From someone who's taken the trek
to hell and almost-back this year, herself.  May your happiness only
increase. *hugs*
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #3 of 1922: John M. Ford (johnmford) Thu 19 Dec 02 22:10
    Erynn -- Bloomington is a nice place, or at least it was when I
lived there, although you don't have to go too far into the country to
run across the remnants of Indiana's bad old days.
    One thing that was true when I was there, and probably still is,
is that state residents have access to the university library system,
and most of the libraries have open stacks.
    I doubt as there's anything else useful I could tell you about the
place -- I lived there for ten years, but that was twenty years ago,
and back then there weren't any restaurants where -anybody- wore a
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #4 of 1922: Mary Roane (the-roane) Thu 19 Dec 02 22:33
Bugger.  Blink, and they freeze the topic on ye, and start anovver one
somewheres else.

Erynn---oooooo.....Bloomington is not far (relatively) from Chicago. 
You must come visit.  But watch out for Tara.  She bites.

Usually me & my loony choir friends spend Christmas Day together,
exchange gifts, and eat too much.  This year, they're all (and I do
mean *all*--my Well friends will be the only ones left) leaving for 11
days in Italy the day after Christmas.  It's the choir tour I dreamed
of for 8 years, and of course I can't afford/can't get the time off to
go.  I have been waaaaay bummed--I gave up going to choir because the
conversations about Italy got too depressing, but we did something this
last weekend that really cheered me up.  One of the ladies suggested
that instead of buying gifts for each other this Christmas, we go to
Catholic Charities and ask them if they had a family with 10 members
who needed stuff.  No surprise, they did, and we each bought gifts for
one family member.  The kids' mom is an addict, and the family was
evicted a few months ago--all 9 children were placed with an aunt. 
They needed everything--sheets, clothes, you name it.  So me and
Debbie-the-lurker (she's a mom, and a *mean* shopper) set off to do our
worst. I was assigned a 5-year-old girl.

Oh, my God, did we have fun.  She got 4 little outfits, and crayons,
and coloring books, and sheets, and a coat, and a baby doll, and the
coolest princess dress-up set, complete with
pink-maribou-feather-trimmed tiara! And lots of other stuff.

 All of the choirfolk went bonkers, too, and when Deb (not
Debbie-the-lurker) loaded up her car to take everything to the charity,
she couldn't see out the back window, her trunk was full, and her poor
dad had to carry stuff in his lap just to fit in the car.  She said
the folks at the charity were thrilled when she pulled up.  I hope we
do this from now on.  It beat the heck out of trying to find something
Les, my choir director, would want and didn't own.  Especially since
Neil doesn't have a new book out ;-)  (Les & I have gotten each other
the same Neil book 3 different years).

So we're going to see Gangs of New York on Christmas Day, on what my
friend Andrew (who is Jewish) called a "Traditional Jewish
Christmas"--Chinese food and a movie.  I can hardly wait!    

So, anyway, that's sort of what I've been up to lately, and singing
with a friend's choir who were down in numbers because many of their
members are students at Loyola, so I'm singing Chrimble Eve with them. 

Lots of *good* carols, like "Ding, Dong, Merrily on High", and "Gesu
Bambino".  Well, O.K., *I* think they're good carols  ;-) 

Mary (still reading The Prince, and the new issue of
Premier....must....have .....Daniel Day-Lewis ....fix.....must!)
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #5 of 1922: Mary Roane (the-roane) Thu 19 Dec 02 22:39
Ooops, Mike slipped.  Hi, Mike!
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #6 of 1922: Tara O'Shea (uisgejack) Fri 20 Dec 02 09:05
I don't bite!

Okay, much...

I'm gonna pretty scarce for a whole--cancelling my Well account due to
the part where I'm $600 in the hole and need to straighten out my
finances in 2003. (Let's just say that my parents met the news that I
needed to move to a cheaper smaller place in a perhaps not as nice
neighbourhood with an adamant NO! BRING YOUR FINANCES DOWN HERE FOR
YOUR POPPY TO STRIGHTEN OUT! and so I'm gonna give it a whirl, pride be
damned.... I wasn't too proud to wrack up $10,000 in debt, after all
*lol* Or maybe that should be I wasn't too *bright*...)

I still love you all madly, of course. And you can still read my
madcap ramblings at my blog ( and my LJ
( And I'll send updates via email and
lurk, of course :)
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #7 of 1922: Neil Gaiman (neilgaiman) Fri 20 Dec 02 10:07
Bye Tara... we'll miss you.

Mary -- if you like Eddie Izzard you might well enjoy Ross Noble (if
you can understand a Geordie accent) -- is the set of
programs he made a couple of years ago, moving from travelogue to local
standup and back.
is the feed to the 4 at the store standup stuff currently going on
with Ross as compere (it'll change each week as the show changes).

Erynn -- actually I think Tori may have written a few of them but most
of them are by someone else. We're still playing phone tag, which is
easy to do when she's on tour.

It's good to be home. (It's the best bit of being away: appreciating
not being away, when you aren't any longer.)
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #8 of 1922: Pamela Basham (pamela-bird) Fri 20 Dec 02 13:44
Saw THE TWO TOWERS.  Am happy.

Neil: Welcome home.  It's a good time of year to be home.

Oh, Tara.  That's sad.  We'll miss you much-es.  Good luck with
straightening out the finances.  It's been a tough year that way for
me, too.

Mary: I'm so sorry you're not going to make it to Italy!  I know how
excited you were when you mentioned it a long time ago.  But the
choir's idea sounds utterly fabulous, and like oodles of fun!  What a
beautiful way to give and spread the joy.

I got kind of lost in a frenzy of a different kind of energy.  Last
night, as part of a Solstice purification ritual, I did something I've
never done before in my life.  I destroyed an entire year's worth of my
writing.  Over 2000 (handwritten) pages ritually sacrificed to the
fire.  It was painful.  It was good.  It was necessary.  And I'm
fiercely glad.  Which I find stunning.  But I am.  I needed to make way
for new words.  Other words.  A new year in my soul.  I think I'm
happy because I know, I KNOW, they'll come.
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #9 of 1922: Jouni Koponen (jonl) Sat 21 Dec 02 07:10
Email from Jouni:

Wow, new topic...

Just dropped by to say hi and merry Xmas to you all...

Jouni (see you next year)
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #10 of 1922: Covered in green fur (stagewalker) Mon 23 Dec 02 12:55
Tara - so sad that you're having to log out for a bit, but more sad at
the reason why. I wish you the best of luck and a slot on some insane
game show where they have a category where you have to answer questions
like, "In Spirited Away, what turns into a fat mouse?" or "In
Coraline, what does the Other Mother have for eyes?"

Erynn - Well, who knows what the next film project will be. I still
need to write the film adaptation of Martha's story as an independent
film project, as well as the other half dozen writing projects pressing
against my frontal lobe. I have a hard time focusing past the next two
months. But yes... if I can't find a director who is worth her or his
salt, I might as well make a go of it myself.

Mary - lack of Italy sucks much. But your opportunity to bring some
unexpected joy to these kids is rather fantastic. Reading about it made
me quite proud and happy.

I saw Two Towers as well this weekend, and it was like setting a kid
loose in a toy store. Every scene was like a new present. I sat there
thinking "Oh! They kept that bit! Oh!! They kept that whole paragraph!
How fun! Oh! Oh! OH!"
The changes they made didn't bother me that much, although one thing
they did impacts stuff in the third movie which makes me VERY curious
about how they're going to handle the palantir, and I'm EXTREMELY
curious as to what scenes are going to show up on the extended DVD.

I did not see, Tori, however. There's always next time, though. I seem
to catch her on every OTHER tour.
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #11 of 1922: Mary Roane (the-roane) Mon 23 Dec 02 20:02
Thanks for the sympathy re: Italy.  It's pretty much buggered up my
whole fall.  Oh, well.  There's probably a fantastic trip in store in
the future---maybe we'll all go, and make Neil show us around

Joe Strummer's gone.  That smeggin' bites.

Neil--thanks for the link.  I listened to the one on Ireland, and was
distraught to learn that the floozy in the jacuzzi is no longer on
O'Connell St.  Oh, well, at least they kept the tart with the cart. 
He's pretty amusing.  I'm looking forward to listening to the rest of
them soon.

Tara--would Poppi take a look at my finances, too?  Though at this
point, I suspect mature, experienced financial analysts would all have
the same advice.

"Win the lottery, kid".

Mary (who just read the first 2 Artemis Fowl books on the
recommendation of the Coolest 13-year-old in the World <tm> and thought
they were fun)  
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #12 of 1922: Dan Wilson (stagewalker) Tue 24 Dec 02 15:28
This seems to be the best place to reflect upon dreams, so allow me to
share the following.

My mom's been having a hard time lately, with good reason, so I came
over to her place a night early for Christmas. I decided to crash on
the couch, and had a somewhat fitful sleep.

I had a dream. I dreamt I was in a room much like the one I was
sleeping in, only very well lit. My mom was sitting on the floor, and
my dad came in and sat down next to her. I looked away for a moment,
then looked back as what I was seeing sank in to me. Before I could say
"but you're dead" he smiled at me and said "you're dreaming." I was
then aware of him getting up and sitting behind me and giving me a hug
while I cried.

That's all there was to the dream. I woke up having forgotten entirely
about it. My mom walked into the living room that next morning and
commented that last night was the first night she'd dreamt since Dad
died where she didn't dream about him.

Then I remembered MY dream.

I don't know to ascribe this to the Gate of Horn or of Ivory... but I
am alternately comforted and creeped out by it.

Just thought I'd share.
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #13 of 1922: "Et toi" is French, and so you're a crack muffin. (madman) Tue 24 Dec 02 21:46

That's pretty intense, Dan.
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #14 of 1922: Neil Gaiman (neilgaiman) Tue 24 Dec 02 22:00
Pamela -- it's good to be home.

Mary -- the Eastern Europe one is my favourite, I think. Sorry about
the vanishment of the floozy.

Dan -- Comforted and creeped out. No reason why you shouldn't be both.

I think there's a kind of dream that's deeply odd -- ghost dreams, I
suppose you'd call them. 

I remember once staying in a hotel in London, with a serious tooth
infection (a dud root canal that the flight had inflamed) and the nice
lady who came in to the hotel room while I slept, during the day, and
tidied everything up, made the bed around me, chatted reassuringly, and
made it a little easier.  

And being surprised when I woke to find no-one had been into the room
at all, and not being surprised at all to discover from a conversation
with the manager that the hotel had been a hospital for a while between
the wars.

All sorts of happies and merries to people....
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #15 of 1922: Mary Roane (the-roane) Wed 25 Dec 02 00:36
Merry Christmas, y'all.  And a very belated Happy Channukah, since I
missed it completely this year.  Happy Kwanzaa, and a lovely Solstice
to you all.  Whatever you celebrate, may you do it with people you
love, have a warm dry place to be, and good food.

And please drive carefully.

Mary (with about 3 inches of snow on the ground, and more falling)
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #16 of 1922: Daniel (dfowlkes) Wed 25 Dec 02 18:00
    <scribbled by dfowlkes Tue 3 Jul 12 10:14>
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #17 of 1922: Maure Luke (maureluke) Wed 25 Dec 02 19:17
Happy Xmas and everything to all of you!

I was Arthur C. Clarke. I've never read him. Maybe I ought to do. 

Dan,  I like your dream story. I like thinking that things are
possible. I hope very much that things get easier for your Mom and you,
sooner rather than later.

Neil,  v. glad you're home and posting more often. I hope you're
getting a lot of rest, but I hope you're writing a lot too, because I
am really very selfish. bwahahahaha! How disappointing about the
artists who flaked out on you. It sounds like you're enjoying having
everyone home for the holiday. My family always starts off being at
home together well, but family members have already started hurling
crunched up balls of wrapping paper at each other's heads. hee

Mary, you are incredible. I love you to pieces. I was planning on
winning the lottery sometime next week -- I'll take us to Italy. The
Unusual Suspects World Tour 2003. I guess I better actually buy a lotto
ticket though, first.
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #18 of 1922: Dodge (hnowell) Thu 26 Dec 02 09:32
Since I have very little family and few close to me, I have, for the
past 15 years, gone to some friends' house. The wife is Greek and part
of a large (8 children) family who all show up at some point or another
during the day. They are exciteable. They yell. They laugh. They cry.
and the talk constantly. Usually in Greek. Which I do not understand
though after these many years, I actually can catch a word or two or at
least the gist of what they are saying. They hug. They celebrate and
they take pictures and video of it all. Her father long ago decided he
needed to make sure I get talked to. He speaks, I'm told, in English.
Though I do not recognize the words. I have learned to understand what
he is speaking of, at least. And can answer reasonably on subject. Or,
if not, he does not correct me. I've no doubt I've answered from time
to time and confused him. Her mother knows English but refuses to speak
it as she did not want to leave Greece and come to America all those
many years ago so it is her protest. She will sometimes sit with me and
speak of gardens and roses and dolls which we both collect. Slowly and
carefully in English. But only when nobody is about to hear her but

The husband has very few family. An Aunt that lives back in the garage
apartment. A cousin who got married last year and had a baby this past
year. I have not seen her or the baby since he came as they always
seem to have gone to HIS family for holidays. My friend, he thinks it's
because her husband has a "normal" family. He is upset a little by
this I think but what I keep to myself is that she will, once she gets
to know them, become aware that there is no such thing and will be more
willing to come here sometimes. 

This year was different in that my son is back together with his wife
and wanted me over for dinner. I went from the friends' house for lunch
to their house for dinner to see them. Son. Wife. Grandson (aged 3).
It is always hard to be around them for long. I think my son should
have never married. His personality is very like my father's and he is
too acutely demanding and controlling. My time with them is strained.
What does one talk about? We talked about cooking. I did, at least,
manage to teach him to cook. I never knew he paid me much attention
until last night. I know he loves his wife and son but I know it is
hard for them. And him. And me. I hope they stay together and work
everything out. But I don't see how they can. I helped Bryan play
spider man and paint Tigger from Pooh. Ah, yes, we talked cars, my son
and I. One subject I'm good with that he is interested in as well. She
is such a happy kind of person. I like her. 

And that is my holidays. When New Year's comes, I believe I'll drive
over to see my friends again and we'll go to see The Two Towers and
then spend the rest of the eve watching their big screen tv. Movies. We
have grown so uninteresting I fear. 
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #19 of 1922: Yet another Samuel Delaney replicant (stagewalker) Thu 26 Dec 02 11:20
Dodge, I would consider your Christmas experience as far from
uninteresting. I find it sweet and sad and comic in varying degrees at
varying times. 
I wish your son and his family well, and hope that you and your
friends enjoy the Two Towers loudly and enthusiastically.

On a side note, I gave my niece and nephew copies of Coraline and
Neverwhere, respectively. My niece, who is 11, has already begun
reading it and declared the next morning that chapter 1 is already
creepy. She is quite delighted, and got very excited when she flipped
forward to look at the illustrations to find the one of the Other
Mother's hand.
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #20 of 1922: Dodge (hnowell) Thu 26 Dec 02 11:33
Aha! Yes. I knew I'd forgotten something. My spare copy of Coraline
did not get over there to give to the elder child. Must do that when I
go for New Year's next week.
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #21 of 1922: Pamela Basham (pamela-bird) Thu 26 Dec 02 14:23
Youni!  Hi!  *waves enthusiastically*

DanW: I had dreams like that when both my grandfather and great-aunt
died.  I've had other experiences along those lines as well.  And it
can be scary when the world doesn't behave in ways we're more used to
dealing with.  But I think "there are more things in heaven and earth,
Horatio."  And it seemed a very comforting, loving message.  I hope
that in the long run it'll feel that way to you.

Dodge: That reminded me of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding!"  Have you seen
the movie?  I think it's wonderful that they include you in their own,
unique ways.  And I really hope you enjoy THE TWO TOWERS immensely!
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #22 of 1922: Pamela I'll-Be-Home-for-Christmas Basham (pamela-bird) Thu 26 Dec 02 15:07
Separate post for this one.

I got the most marvelous Christmas present of my life this year.

I came home.

As a few of you know, but most of you don't, my husband and I have
been separated since May of this year.  After not communicating for a
few months, we started to try to work it out this fall. 

It has been the most agonizing year of my life.  Which is rather
saying something. 

(If you're interested in a little more information, this is from a
blog of mine:

I honestly did not believe that my marriage could be saved.

But it has been.  We saved it.  Or we saved ourselves.  Or we have
created something new to take its place.  Something beautiful and
powerful and worth returning to.

So I did.

This past week, after 8 months of separation, I moved back into my
home with my husband.

And I am profoundly happy.

And I'd like to say thank you to everyone here.  Because, even though
most of you didn't know, you've each been a comfort to me through this
time, just by being here, and being the gorgeous, bright, funny, kind,
creative people you are.  Angels unaware.

May the New Year be something truly new and wonderful for each of us.
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #23 of 1922: Maure Luke (maureluke) Thu 26 Dec 02 15:55
Pamela,  HOORAY!! I am so happy for you! I knew there had to be
bucketsful of goodness for you just around the corner -- how could
there not be? You deserve loveliness. Let this year be a blaze to light
the darkest memories. Much love and happiness for you!
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #24 of 1922: Mary Roane (the-roane) Thu 26 Dec 02 19:14
Pamela--prayers answered.  HOORAY!!!  I am so happy for you!  You've
been through so much this year--I'm so happy to hear things are getting

Happy Boxing Day to you all.

Dodge--I like your Christmas story too--what Stagewalker said, and add
perceptive to the list of descriptors.

Mary (reading Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming by Roger Zelazny
and Robert Sheckley)  
inkwell.vue.169 : Neil Gaiman's Signal in the Noise
permalink #25 of 1922: Dan Wilson (stagewalker) Thu 26 Dec 02 22:15
Pamela - I'm so terribly happy for you. Stories like that are entirely
too rare, but it's nice to know that they still happen.

Just finished reading Death: the High Cost of Living, which I haven't
read in about 5 years. Only character in there I could play is the
Eremite... so I should probably let myself get very shaggy and start
mailing pictures of myself as a power-mad old homeless wizard to
Dreamhaven in an ill-guided attempt to get cast.

... or I could just buckle down and get an agent.


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