inkwell.vue.276 : Peter Phillips, director of Project Censored
permalink #26 of 28: Steve Bjerklie (stevebj) Tue 11 Jul 06 16:46
I don't think #24 above answers my #16. You begin by stating,
"Corporate Media is ignoring the impeachment issue because of
dependency on the State Dept. Pentagon and White House for regular news
feeds," then move on to a discussion of who belongs to the U.S.
"ruling class" and what this class's agenda is and how influential it

But to look at your opening sentence for a moment, there's no news
there: the news media has always been dependent on the State
Department, Pentagon and White House for news feeds, of course. This
did not stop the news media from covering the Vietnam War in a thorough
and investigative manner, it did not stop the news media from jumping
on the Watergate story, it did not stop the news media from covering
the Iranian helicopter rescue and "Black Hawk Down" disasters, and it
has not stopped the news media from informing us every day of the
climbing body count in Iraq.

So why, please, is this news media choosing to ignore the
"groundswell" of support for impeachment, as you claim? 
inkwell.vue.276 : Peter Phillips, director of Project Censored
permalink #27 of 28: Cynthia Dyer-Bennet (cdb) Wed 12 Jul 06 13:30

I hope Peter will come back and expand on his statements, Steve. I know he's
been very busy this past week, though.

In any case, I want to thank Peter Phillips of Project Censored for 
joining us, and to thank Steve Rhodes for serving as moderator of this 
discussion. Though our virtual spotlight has turned to a new guest, it 
doesn't mean this conversation has to stop. The topic will remain open 
for further comment indefinitely. If you're able to stick around, please
feel welcome to do so, Peter and Steve. If you've got to move on to
other committments, we'll understand. 

Good night, and good luck, as Edward R. Murrow would say!
inkwell.vue.276 : Peter Phillips, director of Project Censored
permalink #28 of 28: Peter Phillips (peterphillips) Wed 12 Jul 06 17:06

Perhaps we do not know the exact reason the corporate media fails to
cover important issues like the impeachment movement.  We have theories
on this that include self-censorship, advertisement pressure,
dependency links, propaganda model, consolidation, and overt government
pressure under national security concerns. Whatever the reason the
facts are that very important news stories go under-covered or censored
on a increasingly regular basis. 

This  statement cannot be disputed, which we prove every year with our
Censored releases. 

I think on impeachment these is a combination of pressures. Neither
party wants a big impeachment blowup that undermines the power of the
presidency. Both corporate parties want to prevent a massive grassroots
popualist movement from arising that would undermine the impression of
legitimacy of the current government. 

50+ million eligible citizens didn't vote in  2004.  It is not because
they don't believe in Democracy they just didn't think it made any
difference and the corporate media didn't lay out any major

We have a phony democracy, our last two presidential elections were
fraudulant, and million of people know it.  I will do everything I can
to encourage the impeachment of Bush and cheney and a populist movement
for grassroots democracy and political reform in the US.

Most people know inately that corporations are not people. Why do they
have rights of people.  It is absurb and corporatons and their owners
have gotten way to powerful in the US. It time for a non-violent social
revolution and massive uprising to challenge the corporate power ruled
over the the global dominance group.

Best Wishes and Thanks you for having me on


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