inkwell.vue.289 : Bruce Sterling: State of the World 2007
permalink #101 of 104: virtual community or butter? (bumbaugh) Fri 12 Jan 07 14:07
And what a light with which to begin 2007!

Thank you Jon and Bruce, and thanks to everyone who joined in this
wandering, speculative, informed, enlightening, frightening, and uplifiting
consideration of the state of things.

Safe travels, Bruce.

And, of course, we'll leave the doors open here for conversation to continue
as long as the conversants conspire to make it so.
inkwell.vue.289 : Bruce Sterling: State of the World 2007
permalink #102 of 104: Bruce Sterling (bruces) Sat 13 Jan 07 07:36
Here I go:

New Media and Social Memory

Jan. 18, 2007??The UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is
proud to present New Media & Social Memory, a public symposium to
discuss strategies for preserving digital art at a time when digital
technologies are evolving and becoming obsolete at an astonishingly
rapid pace. 

While focussing on digital art, the symposium will also address larger
concerns about the long-term conservation of our increasingly digital
culture, including how we decide what digital content - from Web sites
to video games - are worth saving. The full day of presentations and
panel discussions by leading experts in the field of digital
preservation will be held in the museum theater on Thursday, Jan. 18.
This symposium is open to the public free of charge; however, due to
limited space, online registration is required.

Symposium Program??10:00-10:15?Introductions?Richard Rinehart, Digital
Media Director & Adjunct Curator, BAM/PFA?Jane Metcalfe, Founder &
Original Publisher, Wired Magazine, BAM/PFA Board
10:15-11:00?Stewart Brand, President, Long Now Foundation
11:10-12:00?Stewart Brand, President, Long Now Foundation, in
conversation with?Kevin Kelly, Editor at Large, Wired Magazine?Jon
Ippolito, Assistant Professor of New Media, University of Maine
12:00-1:00?Lunch break
1:10-2:00?Alexander Rose, Executive Director, Long Now Foundation?Kurt
Bollacker, Digital Research Director, Long Now Foundation
2:10-3:00?Marisa Olsen, Editor and Writer,
Katchen, Archivist, Franklin Furnace
3:10-4:00?Jeff Rothenberg, Computer Scientist?Richard Rinehart,
Digital Media Director & Adjunct Curator, BAM/PFA
4:10-5:00?Bruce Sterling, Author, Founder, Dead Media Project
5:00-7:00?Public reception??Contact: Richard Rinehart, Archiving the Avant Garde: Documenting and
Preserving Digital/Media Art is a consortium project of the University
of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, with the
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Cleveland Performance Art Festival and
Archive, Franklin Furnace Archive, and, and is generously
supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.
inkwell.vue.289 : Bruce Sterling: State of the World 2007
permalink #103 of 104: Christian De Leon-Horton (echodog) Sat 13 Jan 07 10:10
<Open-source is commons. Commons is persistent and beloved, but it's
not doing all that great.>

It's kicking our ass in Baghdad. If it works in war, I have a hard
time understanding why it won't work in other endeavors as well.
Perhaps it only works when a bunch of little people get pissed off and
decide victory is more important than profit, I don't know. 
inkwell.vue.289 : Bruce Sterling: State of the World 2007
permalink #104 of 104: Hal Royaltey (hal) Sun 14 Jan 07 16:13
I'll add my thanks to <bumbaugh>s.   

What a great start to the New Year.

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