inkwell.vue.385 : Darya Pino,
permalink #151 of 152: David Gans (tnf) Mon 28 Jun 10 08:38

From Paul McFedries' WORD SPY newsletter:

n. A person who chooses foods based on their micronutrient content.
—nutritarianism n.

Example Citations:
There are flexitarians, who eat a little bit of meat, and pescatarians, who
skip meat but consume seafood. Raw foodists don't believe in cooking. And now
come the nutritarians. Central to nutritarianism is the understanding that
fruits and vegetables contain thousands of vitamins, minerals and
phytochemicals — substances they believe are not found in any other food
—Douglas Brown, "Nutrition ambitions: "Nutritarian" diet is easy; just try to
eat a rainbow," The Denver Post, June 7, 2010

inkwell.vue.385 : Darya Pino,
permalink #152 of 152: Darya Pino (daryapino) Mon 28 Jun 10 10:23
Wow, that nutritarian thing terrifies me. Sounds like a fabulous way
to take all joy out of eating.

For those following me on Twitter, if you @ reply me and say hi I'll
follow you back.

This was super fun. Thanks for all the great questions!!


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