inkwell.vue.433 : Steven Levy, In the (Google)Plex
permalink #51 of 52: J. Eric Townsend (jet) Fri 17 Feb 12 08:47

February 16, 2012 | By Peter Eckersley and Rainey Reitman and Lee Tien
Google Circumvents Safari Privacy Protections - This is Why We Need Do
Not Track

Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal published evidence that Google
has been circumventing the privacy settings of Safari and iPhone
users, tracking them on non-Google sites despite Apple's default
settings, which were intended to prevent such tracking.

This tracking, discovered by Stanford researcher Jonathan Mayer, was a
technical side-effecbtprobably an unintended side-effecbtof a system
that Google built to pass social personalization information[...]
inkwell.vue.433 : Steven Levy, In the (Google)Plex
permalink #52 of 52: Gail Williams (gail) Fri 17 Feb 12 10:42
Probably-accidentally circumventing people's personal browser privacy

Yikes, that is scary.

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