inkwell.vue.62 : Identity and "performance" online
permalink #51 of 53: Mack Reed (factoid) Sun 13 Feb 00 18:03
<thecapokid> Thanks for kind words and welcome. <satyr> that'd be
lynchin', now wouldn't it?

inkwell.vue.62 : Identity and "performance" online
permalink #52 of 53: John Payne (satyr) Sun 13 Feb 00 19:11
Or, in vernacular, "Hangin's too good fer 'em!"
inkwell.vue.62 : Identity and "performance" online
permalink #53 of 53: oddball parochial charm (norcalnative) Tue 14 Mar 00 02:58
The naming of names and the use thereof has gained me my first
nickname in many years.

Some friends at work call me "nightshift" but here on the Well I am
"norcal". My userid is the result of the need for a long set of letters
(Engaged id), a work id and some bit of whimsey. Both my given name
and surname are common- look to see how many Chris Knight entries you
find on the web. 

Here I am "norcal" or 'norcalnative" which is fine and easier than
being one of dozens with the same name on four continents. Posting here
is much the same as posting to friends and business associates via
email. In one way or another, the people I email have some knowledge of
me and it would be pretentious to be someone else. In some topics the
threads look like an exchange of letters between people with a common
interests but various points of view. My responses to posts here can
and do vary just as they would if we were in the same office or old
school friends or in any other venue.  

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