Tired / Wired 2003

"I'm rubber, and you're glue,
and whatver you say bounces off me
and goes back to you."

-- 20th century children's taunt retort
"Rubber, glue.
Back to you."

-- 21st century children's taunt retort
Madonna The Donnas
Kelly Ripa Debbie Matenopoulos
Techno Nortec
Goth Gothabilly
Hot Topic
(Goth clothes at the mall)
(Goth clothes in plus sizes at the mall)
brunette zaftig Jewish liberal
political groupie interns
(Momica Lewinsky, Chandra Levy)
blonde willowy WASP conservative
political advocate commentators
(Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham)
Weekend Update
(on "Saturday Night Live")
"The Daily Show
With Jon Stewart"
"American Beauty" "Adaptation"
"indie" films from media giants "The Independent"
"All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" "Who Moved My Cheese?"
The Drudge Report blogs
Yahoo News Google News
Google Search Google Image Search
Amazon recommendations bots scan blogs for book reviews
"New Rules for a New Economy" "Multiple Streams of Internet Income"
Dell Dimenison 2350 with free shipping
only $599 after mail-in rebate
rescue a 100 MHz Pentium from a dumpster
and run Linux on it
Windows XP OS X
Instant Messaging (IM) Short Message Service (SMS)
"Stupid White Men" "Smart Mobs"
electric vehicles hybrid electric vehicles
"The End of Physics" "A New Kind of Science"

For my 7-year-old tired & wired list, click here.

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