Marin County, California
Barton E. Schaefer, Ph.D.
Assorted Open Source projects I've been involved with (some of them date from before anyone would have thought to call them "Open Source") and other computer-related areas of interest.

o zsh, the Z Shell
In April 1999, I was appointed maintainer of the official sources for zsh version 3.0.
o PHPerl, combining Perl and PHP
The PHPerl Project links mod_perl and mod_php to take advantage of the strengths of each. This is mostly dormant now.
o Latte, the Language for Transforming Text
Latte is the first open-source product from Zanshin, and was used to produce most of these web pages.
o Blatte, a Better Latte
A Perl-based rewrite of Latte. Blatte powers the iPost Template Language.
o Linux, a free operating system
I use RedHat Linux at home and at work.
o Electronic Mail
It's my most frequent and favorite form of long-distance communication, and I write e-mail software for both fun and profit.
o Mush, the Mail User's Shell
I co-developed and maintained Mush in my spare time from 1988-90, which is how I got into the e-mail business; I still sporadically maintain an "official" patch archive.
o Parallel Processing
Back at OGI, I programmed for the very first Sequent symmetric multiprocessor machines and Intel Hypercube systems. If I ever make it back to academia, I'll probably return to multiprocessor research.
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