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Barton E. Schaefer, Ph.D.
Picture of Bart and Maija

I grew up in the Des Moines, Iowa, area, and attended Cornell College (where I met my wife, Maija) in the small town of Mt. Vernon. Now I'm even going to be a farmer.


After finishing my Ph.D. in 1990, I came to California to found Z-Code Software with Dan Heller. I've been doing Z-stuff ever since; look at my resume. Dan and I are the middle two in this picture, taken while Z-Code was still operating out of Dan's living room.

I hope to create a history of Z-Code page when I have a chance to scan a few more old pictures.

After almost 6 years of Z-Coding, I found myself operating out of a living room again. This time the Z was for Zanshin. To know where you are, know where you will be.

Zanshin is now doing business as iPost, an email delivery outsourcer.

Maija grew up in Kobe, Japan, where her parents taught English at Palmore Institute. She attended Canadian Academy there.

Images from the Great Hanshin Earthquake are available at the Kobe disaster information page.

We have an amazing 10-year-old son named Benjamin, and his little brother Justin. These pictures are pretty long ago, he's six now.

Benjamin was the unofficial Z-Code mascot almost from the time he was born. Until he started school, he spent almost as much time in the office as I did. His first steps were witnessed by the Z-Code sales staff as he tottered past a conference room door one day.

Who knows what adventures may lie in store for Justin?

Map of the USA

Who What Where
(Maija and I) Graduate School Portland, OR
(Maija, Benjamin, Justin, and I) Z-Code and Zanshin Novato, CA (Z)
Frank and Martha Kuhlman Maija's parents Pepin and Alma, WI (since leaving Japan)
(Danish immigrants) My mom's family Racine, WI
Margie (and Terry) Moore,
Peter (and Pat) Schaefer
My parents Des Moines, IA (and vicinity)
Peter Kuhlman (and Janell Baran) Maija's brother Granville, OH (formerly Bloomington, IN)
Todd Schaefer (and Kathy Allen) My brother Ellensburg, WA
Matt Schaefer (and Erin Connor) My brother Portland, ME (formerly Boston, MA)
Roderick Wayne Vasek My college roommate
and best man
Lincoln, NE

My great uncle Jack Schaefer wrote several famous Western novels. Probably the best-known of them is Shane, which became the classic film starring Alan Ladd and Jack Palance. (Clint Eastwood's Pale Rider was a Shane remake.)

Oberlin College maintains a special collection of Uncle Jack's works; you can get the complete list from their online card catalog.

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