ZipCode Stamp, 1990 Z-Mail Stamp, 1991 Red Z, 1992 3-D Z, 1993 Z-NCD, 1995 Z-Chameleon
Cute cartoon of baby named Zoe delivering `Z-Mail'

There are more Z-Corps in Processing than we can house in the bunkers, and the computer command system requires constant upgrading to keep it intelligent enough for the Xist communications that occasionally break through.
- The Book of the SubGenius


Early Employees [1]

The Z-Mail Engineers (team leaders bold)



Unix and Windows [5]

Windows [5]

DOS [3]

  • Richard Lawler, 1992

Engineering Management (among other hats)

Other Former Z-Coders

  • Kevin Jones, 1994
  • Karyn Kambur, 1994
  • Joe Keane (Z-POP), 1994 (c)
  • Kimberly Kendall, 1995
  • Gail Kirst, 1994
  • David Knupp, 1993
  • Adrienne Krause, 1995
  • Leslie LaFontaine, 1994
  • Nicole Lambo (t)
  • Mark Lammers, 1993
  • Deborah Levesque (c)
  • Sue Layman
  • Peter Livengood, 1992
  • Joseph McConnell (c)
  • Mike Melton, 1994 [7]
  • Drue Miller, 1992
  • Eva Morrison (c)
  • Fritz Mueller (Z-POP), 1994 (c)
  • Sue Olsen, 1993
  • John Payne, 1993
  • Kristen Porter, 1992
  • Eric (schwa) Pivnik, 1993
  • Steve Ragghianti, 1996 (c)
  • Shelly Reetz (t)
  • Joel Reymont (Z-Forms [3]), 1993
  • Al Rubin (c)
  • Chris Ryan, 1993
  • Chris Scholter (t)
  • Chuck Schwartz, 1993
  • Robert Serbent, 1994
  • Dan Shannon (c)
  • Diane Smith (t)
  • Katie Stelmack, 1993
  • Kelly Stewart, 1994
  • Kim Stewart, 1994
  • Mario Ubaldi, 1993
  • Bob Ulias, 1993
  • Ulf Zimmerman, 1995 (c)

Converts from NCD

Executive Management
  • Bill Crane, GM, 1994
  • Jeff Raice, Sales, 1994

NCD Software Z-Mail Specialists [8]
  • Bill Busler (Tampa, SE)
  • Donny Cloussen (Phoenix, Sales)
  • Sabe Ellis (Denver, SE)
  • Paul Kincaid-Smith (Vancouver, SE)
  • Larry Kreitzer (New York, Sales)

[1]Those who had ``offices'' in Dan Heller's living room, however briefly. This does not diminish the stature of the rest of the 1992 crew, particularly Greg, Bob, and Steve; but I had to pick a cutoff somewhere.

[2]Kim was the only other survivor from the living room days all the way through NetManage shutting us down. Words cannot suffice.

[3]These products were never released.

[4]There was only one release of the OpenLook version. Few, if any, copies were shipped.

[5]Please do not confuse this with ``Z-Mail Pro'' from NetManage. No one from Z-Code had anything to do with ``Z-Mail Pro.''

[6]Mike Estes is infamous for two reasons. First, he came to Z-Code from NCD before NCD purchased us; second, he was an employee for less than a day. This should have told us something.

[7]A bunch of die-hards. They even went on to NetManage, at least for a while.

[8]Besides working closely with us during 1995, all of these people came to the restored Z-Code division when NCD Software broke up again. All but Donny accepted offers from NetManage. Other NCD Software people, other than management, who were involved with Z-Mail, include:

Paul Cavanaugh (Chicago), Stuart Navaren (New York), Andrew Rouch (Australia), Mike Szfranski (Federal), Pete Williams (London)

Rhonda Ball (Chicago), Noel Brumley (Australia), Roger Kobylarczyk (aka Koby, Denver), Wayne Purboo (Toronto), Scott Taylor (New York), Kevin Wall (Vancouver)

[9]Died, of cancer, 24 April 2002.

If you can help me with the start date or URL for anybody on this page, please do. Sorry I don't remember them all, but sometimes the whole experience is a blur.

Many thanks go to Bob Glickstein's phone map series for providing names that I would otherwise have missed. Thanks to Reinhardt Quelle for the full list of NCD Software people.

Did you figure out what underlined dates mean? Did I miss any?

There is still one logo missing (o) that I'd like to include:

The Z-Mail postage stamp (1991)
The icon for Z-Mail 2.0 resembled a canceled postage stamp.
Originally, the company was called ZipCode. The USPS objected, so the ZipCode postage stamp was retired. The ``Z-NCD'' and ``Z-Chameleon'' were never official logos, just my personal commentary on the situation.

Z-Coders with underlined dates broke the acquisition barrier, February 1994.

Here it is, 1998, and still new Z stuff shows up.

Even Zorro gets `Z-Mail'