The Change Project


It's pretty wild out there. We are moving from a psychological "terra firma" - the once apparently firm ground of corporate organizations, clearly-understood communities, families built on shared understandings, and lives that made sense - to a world that feels far more oceanic, with few landmarks, hidden and conflicting currents, and sudden overwhelming storms. The trend toward instability is long-term and global. It is not likely to get easier any time soon. We can learn to adjust. Or we can go beyond adjusting to change. We can use its power.

The Change Project is dedicated to using the power of the turbulence around us to help build a world that works. We are an independent organization supported solely by our writing, speaking, and consulting.

Recent clients include Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories, the American Hospital Association, The Healthcare Forum, the Veterans Administration, the Mercy Hospital System, Schering Laboratories, the Planters Company, Baxter Healthcare, Windom Health, the International Healthy Cities Foundation, U.S. Health, Silicon Systems, and Ciba-Geigy.

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