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Information motherlode and searching-type links
(or, I Know It's Around Here Somewhere)

When it comes to raw information, the Net is the world's largest, slowest disk drive. You know that what you want is probably there somewhere, but you're not sure it's worth looking. Back in the early days of Usenet discussion groups, it was possible to r ead all the messages posted in a given day. Today, with 10,000 or so groups, you might not be able to count all the messages in a day. Likewise there is no practical way to wander the web unguided. The indexes and subject guides help in finding spe cific items, and we rely on the judgement of other humans for broader collections, just like you're doing now, and just like I do when I look for things to add to Info-Rama. "Intelligent agents" which learn our preferences and seek out info for us are int riguing, but unproven.

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