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Last updated 12/31/95

[Paul's Ersatz

face] I have no idea what you are doing poking around on the Internet (or "the Internet," as I call it) when you could be getting some good sleep, having a cup of coffee and a piece of pie, or learning to play the cello. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're visiting. Ersatz Info-Rama is my present to you, a semi-annotated guide to the World Wide Web. I've got lots of links to interesting places where you can discover even cooler links which will point you to sites with still glitzier links which will take you right to five in the morning and you'll wonder why the hell you didn't just go to bed like I told you...

[penwrench] The World Wide Web is a lot like cable television with five million public access shows. One's susceptibility to novelty is a good indicator of how hard the web bug will bite and how much blood it will suck... This site is a testament to my own cybernautical excesses. If you want to wander aimlessly on your own (c'mon, you know you do), there'll be plenty of tangents to follow from the sites I've selected .

Because putting up a web page is, once you get the hang of it, about as hard as writing a postcard, pages are often created rather hastily. The stuff I've gathered on the pages of Info-Rama, however, has been carefully te sted for proper semantic density.

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Tomorrow's categories are forming here today.

[image]You can thank me later for not posting any gratuitous personal information, pictures of myself, or bad poetry. My name is Paul Bissex, but they call me biscuit.

Send me e-mail to if you want to tell me anything. Comments (link suggestions, problem reports, unbridled praise) are definitely welcome. And if you have a good recipe for chocolate-raspberry cheesecake, I'd love that too.