How scholarly!

Pscruf Heavy, from Plazm Fonts. I am possibly the least talented of Plazm's many type designers. Plazm fonts have been used all over the world for everything from Microsoft ads to Aerosmith CDs to their excellent magazine. If you've fallen off the clean g rid of modernity and can't get up, maybe it's time for Plazm. For more propaganda, contact the real folks at the Plazm Media Cooperative:

Renault Flambe, Vezelay, France.
Photo by yours truly.

Dingbat character from the Pscruf typeface family from Plazm Fonts. Make your scruf the Pscruf! See above.

*OK, so it's about as hard as writing a letter to your senator and then uploading that letter into your home directory and setting its permissions to world-readable. But it would sound so clunky if I said that!

Icon for a nonexistent business venture. Don't steal it, I have the EPS and you don't.

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