is a 60 page, mimeographed anthology of Tom Digby's thoughts about various worlds of the imagination: A computer that uses poltergeists for printing. A door that opens on a different world when pulled than when pushed. A place where people don't believe in the Moon. A place where they decorate a cat for Christmas. Federally sponsored riots. Buying a new lifestyle.

Illustrated by Kaja Murphy, Phil Foglio, Brad Foster and Teddy Harvia.

Published to mark Tom Digby's being an Honored Guest of the 1993 World Science Fiction Convention. Now available by mail order:

PRICE: US $5 including tax and postage. (Will be mailed Book Rate.) Special rates for dealers ordering at least ten copies.

Send payment to:  

   Lee Gold
   3965 Alla Road
   Los Angeles, CA 90066, USA
Make check or money order payable to Lee Gold.

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