About Tom Digby

"Bubbles" is my name in Pagan circles and groups like the Radical Faeries. I tend to hang out with people who have enough of the inner child in them to appreciate things like soap bubbles.

I was born January 5, 1940. Around the age when most people rebel against their parents, I was rebelling against my peer group instead.

My education and work experience (see resume) are in engineering and related areas like computer programming, which may affect the way I analyze ideas and issues.

I'm known around my science fiction fan friends for being pleasantly weird, or perhaps very logical but from strange premises. I've also written poetry now and then. I find that knowing the technical side of something beautiful does not diminish the beauty.

I do my share of thinking about the Meaning of Life. When I've had cats off and on over the years I've also done my cats' share, since they're too busy living life to do much thinking about it.

I'll probably never stop learning, even after this physical body is gone. I don't know what lies Beyond, but I feel it isn't Nothing.

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