Testing, Testing ...

These are simple test images using various color palettes. If you think your monitor isn't doing them justice, try downloading them and viewing them in a photo-retouching program. Even the software that comes with some hand scanners can do a pretty good job, much better than some Web viewers. (At least with Windows. I don't know about Mac and others.)

Monochrome Gray Scale

Here are 256 shades of gray (including black and white), taking up about 7k of file space.


Here are several different color test images using different palettes:
  • 8 bits, 256 colors
  • 6-7-6 levels, 252 colors
  • 6-6-6 levels, 216 colors
  • All color files are between 13k and 16k in size.

    Each color image is broken down into a few (four or six) large sub-rectangles, each containing a bunch of little squares. Within an image, every little square should have a different color.

    Each large sub-rectangle has a different Blue value. Within a sub-rectangle, each row of little squares has a different Green value and each column has a different Red value. Color values increase from left to right and from top to bottom. Colors are not dithered.

    In theory every little square in a given image should be different, although some monitors don't do them justice.

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