The Computer Clubs

There is a main meeting room plus two more rooms full of computers. In opposite corners in the back of the meeting room are two information terminals.

Someone takes a few seconds out of setting up for the meeting to explain that some of the club members are real people but others are cartoon and comedy characters, and they need to keep the two types of computers apart.

Natural laws in cartoon worlds differ from those here, and if you put the two types of computers too close together neither works properly. Real people can use cartoon computers if they're willing to expect the unexpected, and cartoon characters can get real machines to work by having nobody around to laugh if the machine starts acting funny. But if you mix the two it guarantees trouble.

That's why there is a real-world information terminal and a separate cartoon comedy information terminal some distance away. Each can tell you about club projects, user groups, and the like. And the comedy terminal promises to behave itself for you.

Over in another part of the meeting room some people are starting to sing. Copies of the words and music (13k GIF) are lying around. (If the music doesn't look right on your browser, try saving the file and viewing it in a paint program or something.)

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