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I'm something of a Renaissance Man in the field of computers and electronics. For many years I worked at very small companies where I was the Engineering Department as well as the Computer Programming Department. Quite often the specification for the work would consist only of a conversation with someone in corporate management. In between and since I've done on-site and off-site contract work, often on one-person projects.

I've written programs in C, C++, Pascal, Assembler, Java, and other languages under MS-DOS, Windows, Unix, and other operating systems. I've also done Web pages. I'm pretty good at teaching myself new languages and systems from the manuals.

My degree is EE, and I've had hands-on experience with analog and digital hardware. I've designed it, built prototypes, debugged it, and written the EPROM code to make it run. I've also written documentation for it.

I especially enjoy the thrill of creating something and making it work. I will consider contracts or full-time employment.

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