Plergb Bylaws Summary

SUMMARY of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Plergb Commission and of the word Plergb as of Feb 21, 1995


The Plergb Language Entropy Regulatory Governing Bureaucratic Commission Overseeing Multiple Managerial Issues Surrounding Singular Instances Of Nomenclature ("P. L. E. R. G. B. C. O. M. M. I. S. S. I. O. N." or "Plergb Commission" for short) (Hereafter referred to as the Commission) is the body which oversees and administers the use of the word Plergb and its authorized variants.

Uses of the word Plergb

The word Plergb may be used in many ways, some of which have not been discovered yet.

Users of the word Plergb

The word Plergb may be used by any English-speaking person (rules for other languages may be forthcoming) regardless of race, color, religion (unless said religion forbids use of the word Plergb), national origin, sex, sexual preferences, age, economic status, etc., etc., etc. Plergb is an Equal Opportunity Word.

Users of the word Plergb fall into three general classes: Authorized users, Renegades, and Yak Fat.

The Commission issues certificates for all three of the status categories described above.

Orthography of the word Plergb

The word Plergb is always capitalized because it is the name of the word Plergb, which makes it a proper name. This is in contrast to words like "cat" and "shoehorn" and "episcotister" which have names like "Melvin" or "Herman" or "Murgatroyd" which nobody knows about because nobody has published a list of names of words. The word Plergb is named Plergb. The subject of names of names is beyond the scope of this article.

Authorized variants of the word Plergb include Pglergb, Plergdb, Pglorgdb, and Skeegl. There also exists the Medieval Spelling of Plyrrhghb for use by time travelers, people doing parodies of medieval writing, etc. All variants are pronounced exactly as they are spelled (no silent letters) except for the Medieval Spelling, which is pronounced "Pl" as in "platypus", "yrrh" as in "myrrh", "gh" as in "ghost", and "b" as in "Bob".


Plergb Commission Anthem

The Commission has an Official Anthem. The words of the latest version are:
     We are the stalwart people of the Plergb Commission:
     We uphold the honor of the word Plergb all day long.
     And when we're not busy on our glorious mission
     We just sit around and sing this stupid song.  

Official Question

The Official Question of the Plergb Commission and of the word Plergb is "Glorb g'dorpt-borpt?" The answer is "Plergb".

Alcohol and other Drugs

Documented use of the word Plergb goes back to 1973, which makes it old enough to be used in places where alcohol is served, at least in California. Since laws vary from place to place and may change from time to time, check with local authorities before using the word Plergb in any potentially questionable situation.

Diminished capacity due to drunkenness or other forms of intoxication is generally not a defense in cases of misuse of the word Plergb. If you plan to use the word Plergb while under the influence, the safest course is to have Renegade Status.

Legal Disclaimer

Plergb, defined as whatever legal disclaimers about advice, warranties, etc., are needed to keep the Commission off the hook regardless of how local laws vary.

Document Cleanup

Plergb, defined as correcting any typos and misspellings in this document.

Plergb, defined as minus any line noise or other technical problems with this document.

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