Country Joe & the Fish

The Band Meets Nick Fury!

Only the most detemined 60s trivia buffs remember when the band made a guest appearance in Marvel Comics' Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD. It was issue # 15, November 69.

The World War II-era commando attends a concert in New York's Central Park with his much younger girlfriend. "Dizzy dames! Sometimes I get the feelin' the world'd be better off without 'em!" says the Neanderthal superhero.

Little does Fury suspect that the fiendish agents of HYDRA are waiting at the concert to ambush him! It'll break your minds!

Written by Gary Friedrich. Drawn by Herb Trimpe and Dick Ayers. Inked by Sam Grainger. Copyright © 1969 by Magazine Management Co., Inc., Marvel Comics Group, all rights reserved.


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