Country Joe & the Fish

Welcome to the official World Wide Web home of the 60s band that stopped the war in Vietnam. Bring flowers, godseyes, and boxes of air.


About the Band

o The recordings
o The words to the songs
o The films

o How the band got started, by ED Denson
o A history, by Bill Belmont
o A genealogy, by Pete Frame

o A photo album
o A poster gallery


Stupid Web Tricks

o The Fish Cheer

o Play an on-line version of the Fish Game from our second album.
o Country Joe and the Fish meet Nick Fury!
o Score our records online
o Send the band some E-mail


Trips to Take

o "Country Joe" McDonald's page
o Barry "The Fish" Melton's page
o David Cohen's page
o ED Denson's page
o Other 60s San Francisco folks
o Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame
o Music Resources on the Net


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