This is an index of organizations, projects, and texts that I have been involved with or have initiated or written.

The organizations and most of the projects were and are collaborative in their conceptualization, design, implementation and use. I play/ed a role at some point in their existence, but they are created by many people.

The texts document telecommunications art and community networking experiments, and investigate the impact of corporate power on the development of new communications technologies.

- Anna Couey

Art Com

"Art Works as Organic Communication Systems"

"Arts, Culture, and the National Information Infrastructure"

Arts Wire

Authors' Rights:  On Getting Paid In The Age Of Digital Reproduction


Cultures in Cyberspace


"The Future of Free Speech on the Corporate Internet"

Imagining the Information Age: Stories/Visions

Interactive Art Conference

"Line Drawing: Information Intersections and Cyber Cultures"

"Microsoft: One World Operating System"

"Restructuring Power: Telecommunications Works Produced by Women"

San Francisco Civic Conference