Conversations with Interactive Artists

The artists listed here joined the Interactive Art Conference for virtual residencies lasting one month. The conversations that emerged provide insights on the artists' work and approach to interactivity; and explore issues of art and audience, context, and purpose in interactive art. They are reproduced for the web with permission of all participants. For information about republishing, please contact Anna Couey and Judy Malloy.

Eduardo Kac (March 1996)
"I'm interested in questioning the very idea of communication. To me, there is no communication if a shared space is not created. In the absence of a shared space, all we can have is two parallel monologues. I'm very interested in exploring dialogical processes in art."

Robert Kendall (April 1997)
"My ideas about interactivity are constantly evolving as I come to understand the interactive medium better. Some things you learn by watching what other writers are doing. Some things you just have to learn by trial and error. Other things you have to learn by watching how people interact with your work. One thing that's become more and more evident to me over the years is the need for my interactive writing to be dynamic."