About the Interactive Art Conference

At its core, the Interactive Art Conference was a laboratory for focussed discussion and production of interactive art.

We hosted a virtual artist-in-residence program that provided interactive artists a forum to discuss their work and their exploration of interactivity. Hypertext editions of our conversations with interactive artists are available to the Internet community through this website. Artists-in-residence were: David Blair, Ben Britton, Bill and Mary Buchen, Hank Bull, Tim Collins and Reiko Goto, Abbe Don, Robert Edgar, Joann Gillerman, Lucia Grossberger-Morales, Eduardo Kac, Nancy Paterson, Tim Perkis, Mark Petrakis, Sonya Rapoport, Sara Roberts, Jim Rosenberg, Henry See, Bonnie Sherk, Fred Truck.

Discussion topics addressed issues facing interactive artists, and covered a broad range of interactive art practice including: computer-mediated literature, social sculpture, art telecommunications, electronic art, artists' books, public art, installation, performance.

Interactive Art Conference members have collectively created my name is scibe, a collaborative text produced by Judy Malloy.

The Interactive Art Conference was founded by Anna Couey and Judy Malloy in 1993, and was an active forum until 1998. It was housed on Arts Wire's conferencing system. This site provides a record of its activity.

For further information about the Interactive Art Conference please email us.