Two Space


8 minutes




Two dimensional patterns, like the tile patterns of Islamic temples, are generated by performing a set of symmetry operations (translations, rotations, and reflections) upon a basic figure or tile.

Two Space consists of twelve such patterns produced using each of nine different animating figures (12 x 9 = 108 total). Rendered in stark black and white, the patterns produce optical illusions of figure-ground reversal and afterimages of color. Gamelan music from the classical tradition of Java adds to the mesmerizing effect.

festival awards
  • Marin County National Film Competition, San Rafael,CA (1980)
  • Baltimore International Film Festival, Baltimore,Md (1980), 1st Place, Experimental Category
  • Atlanta Film Festival, High Museum of Art, Atlanta,GA (1980)
  • Sinking Creek Film Festival, Nashville,TN (1980)
  • Athens International Film Festival, Athens,OH (1980), Golden Athena, Best Animation
  • Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor,MI (1980)

selected installations


The New Museum, NYC

Ghosts in the Machine exhibition, with Two Space projected in the gallery


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Understanding Visual Music symposium projected Two Space in full dome format.


Bath Spa University, Bath, UK

Displayed Two Space on a 10 by 3 monitor media wall during the Seeing Sound symposium.


ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

Projected Two Space on a 360-degree screen for the Punto y Raya Film Festival.


The Big Screen, NYC

Two Space included in the "Leaders in Software and Art" screening series at The Big Screen Plaza, NYC.


The Tate Modern, London, UK

Two Space screened in Turbine Hall.