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Bay Area Country Dance Society Calendar

Last updated on July 23, 1996.


BACDS currently holds dances on Wednesdays and Fridays through Sundays. Graphical browser users can click on the date to go to its listings.

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Key to Locations

Please note: Except where noted, all dances start at 8pm.

BMC--Bethany United Methodist Church, 1268 Sanchez (at Clipper), San Francisco New home for the 2nd Saturday English dance, 7:30pm.
ECV--El Cerrito Veterans' Hall, 6401 Stockton at Kearney, El Cerrito 2nd and 4th Sundays East Bay Square/Contra dance, 7pm
FCC--Fairfax Community Church, 2398 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Fairfax. 4th Saturday contradances
FIN--Finn Hall, 1819 Tenth Street (near Hearst, off University), Berkeley. 2nd Friday contradances
MT--Masonic Temple, 461 Florence St. (near University), Palo Alto. 1st, 3rd and 5th Friday English dances
NGC--North Grace Church (formerly the Northern Fellowship Meeting House), 2138 Cedar St. (near Oxford), Berkeley. Dancing every Wednesday: contras on 1st, 3rd and 5th, English on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. Also 4th Saturday experienced English dance
PA--YWCA, 4161 Alma Street (near San Antonio Rd.), Palo Alto 2nd, 4th and 5th Saturday contradances.
SF--St. Paul's Church, 43rd Avenue @ Judah Street, San Francisco contras on 1st and 3rd Saturdays, 4th Fridays
SJS--First Christian Church, 80 South 5th Street, San Jose 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday English dancing: NO DANCES DURING JULY AND AUGUST.


Friday 2

First Friday Palo Alto English dance at MT; Bob Fraley calls with music by the Nonesuch Country Dance Players (Ruth Anne Fraley, Susan and Stan Kramer).

Saturday 3
Contradance at SF; Charlie Fenton calls with music by Ray Bierl, Rebecca King, & Chris Knepper

Wednesday 7
First Wednesday East Bay contradance at NGC with Charlie Fenton calling; music by an Open Band hosted by Paul Kotapish & friends.

Friday 9
2nd Friday East Bay contra at FIN, with series host Kirston Koths leading dances, music by Chris Knepper, Charlie Hancock, & Dierdre Lynds

Saturday 10
Palo Alto Contradance at PA, with Eric Black and QuébecQuasi (Kevin Carr, Caroline Cirimele, John Hamstra, Barbara Mendelsohn, Laurie Rivin, & Daniel Steinberg).

2nd Saturday SF English dance at its new location BMC. Lise Dyckman teaches the dances, accompanied by the mighty trio of Charlie Hancock, Rod Stradling, & David Strong

Sunday 11
The East Bay Squares and Contra series meets at 7pm at ECV, with calling by Ken Miller and music by dotGals (Kathy Hirsh, Adam Cavan, Susan Sullivan, & Karen Warrick).

Wednesday 14
The second Wednesday English dance at NGC, with David Newitt and Anise Feldman leading dance and music by the trio of Charlie Hancock, Kathrine Gardner, & Kit Nelson.

Friday 16
Palo Alto English dance at MT; Bob Fraley calls with music by the Nonesuch Country Dance Players ( Susan & Stan Kramer and Ruth Anne Fraley).

Saturday 17
San Francisco contra at SF with Eric Black and QuébecQuasi (Barbara Mendelsohn, Daniel Steinberg, , Caroline Cirimele, Laurie Rivin, John Hamstra, & Kevin Carr).

Wednesday 21
East Bay contra at NGC: Erik Hoffman does the calling and Chris Knepper, Kathrine Gardner, & Charlie Hancock do the playing, perhaps joined by you, since it's an open band night.

Friday 23
The fourth Friday contra in SF, featuring special guest caller Bev Smith (from Philadelphia) and music by those Hillbillies from Mars (Ray Bierl, Kevin Carr, Paul Kotapish & Daniel Steinberg). ...

Saturday 24
...and a reprise at PA as Bev Smith joins the Hillbillies from Mars (Kevin Carr, Ray Bierl, Daniel Steinberg & Paul Kotapish). (Philadelphia PA)

In the North Bay, its the Fairfax contra at FCC featuring a mystery caller with musci by Chuck Aronson & Joanne Weil

The East Bay 4th Saturday experienced English dance at NGC, taught by Cynthia Stenger with music by Rod Stradling, David Strong, Stan & Susan Kramer.

Sunday 25
Bev Smith wraps up her Bay Area appearances with the Square/Contra at ECV, starting at 7pm, with music by Ray Bierl & Daniel Steinberg.

Wednesday 28
The fourth Wednesday English dance at NGC, with David Newitt teaching and calling dances with music by the wonderful Western Massachussetts quartet of Bill Matthiesen, Liz Stell, Stuart Kenney, & David Kaynor.

Friday 30
Finally, there's English dancing in Palo Alto at MT; Bob Fraley calls to the music of the Nonesuch Country Dance Players (Susan and Stan Kramer, Ruth Anne Fraley).

The fifth Saturday PA contra has been cancelled due to the Labor Day Weekend.

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