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Family Discipline

by Debbie Ann Wertheim

These stories show disciplinary actions, some written from a father's perspective. When I posted this writing on, one reader bristled, assuming (incorrectly) that an actual father was describing actual actions carried out. This is fantasy.

I usually start with her breasts, for her routine discipline. Hands on her head, legs spread is her position, and then I slap her breasts back and forth. Sometimes she has to put a rubber band on each one to make them stand out more. And sometimes she has to put a clothespin on each nipple.

I realize that most daughters get bare bottom spankings, and DebAnn gets plenty of those, but I've also found that she benefits greatly from some unusual forms of discipline. That is why I've developed discipline routines for her breasts, crotch, and anus. The breast slaps are part of her routine training, if she needs punishment I'll use the belt on her breasts. I make her lie down on her bed and hold up one breast at a time and then I smack each one with a belt. It looks a lot more severe than it actually is. If I'm already using the belt on her breasts, I'll often go ahead and use it on her inner thighs and crotch.

She's required to keep her crotch bare - completely without hair - and I find this makes the area more tender and hence makes the belt very effective.

Sometimes my daddy lets my younger brother hold my pussy lips open for my crotch spanking. He says it's good for my brother to learn the right way to discipline girls so that when he grows up he'll be a good daddy. I also get my breasts slapped-my daddy says it's good for females to get their breasts slapped and every night mommy gets the same punishment.

If I ever complain that nothing happens to my brother, I get a week of special nightly discipline sessions, so I've learned to not complain. My dad says he's even going to let my brother give me my spankings one day soon. I think it's embarassing.

Every weekend I have training sessions where I have to serve my father and brother and fix them dinner and do everything they tell me to do. The only clothing I'm allowed to wear is a short tee shirt and white underwear. My mommy gets punished on the weekends, too. Whenever my dad wants he makes me pull down my underwear, lie down on my back on the coffee table and he checks to see if I'm wet. If I'm wet I get a crotch spanking and I have to stay on display so everyone can see what a bad little girl I am. Sometimes I have to take off my clothing and do special exercises. My dad tells my brother to invite his friends over.

In the family room there is a display table and whenever our daughter has misbehaved she has to do penance on the table before she gets her spanking and punishment. In this family there's a spanking, punishment and display session for every misdeed. Sometimes she has to lie naked on the display table, on her back, knees up and spread, and she has to hold her labia lips open. Other times she'll be on all fours, head and shoulders down and with her hands she has to reach back and spread her cheeks open. Length of time can vary greatly. My son is, of course, encouraged to bring his friends over. At times I'll have her stand in the middle of the room and hold her breasts up.

The first part of the spanking usually involves whichever area is being displayed. Sometimes her punishments involve daily display periods. Her mother is disciplined in the same way. Often they are disciplined together, because I hold my wife responsible for the girl's obedience. They are both required to be clean shaven at all times, and are subject to random inspections. Pussy inspections I call them, and my friends sure do enjoy watching.

Of course, I consider the fact that my wife and daughter are even allowed to wear clothing around the house a privilege that can be withdrawn at any time. At times they are punished by only being allowed to wear underwear which has to stay down around their ankles. Some people seem to think I'm too strict, but say what you will, this routine seems to be effective. My daughter and wife are both extremely well behaved. I've encouraged other parents to try similar techniques. At times I find that single isolated spankings are not nearly as effective as say a hard spanking every night at 6 pm for a week, with one hour display periods before each spanking. Something like that can be very effective in getting a point across.

I also take care to discipline, not just for actions, but also for attitude. I've tried to teach my daughter patience, and at times she gets so willful and frustrated that the only solution is some very strict discipline. During these situations I'll have her do the display sessions, and then I'll pick three instruments -- say, paddle, hairbrush, and belt. She'll get all three before dinner, then shell be on display, and then get all three again before bed. My son likes to watch -- and sometimes he'll request things -- 'Make her spread her cheeks, Dad.' -- 'Go on, spread your cheeks' and she does and says, 'Thank you Daddy, for making me display my anus.' She has certain lines she has to say for certain situations. The last thing she gets before bed is a good hard spanking with my hands on her already bruised bottom.

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