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The writings on this web page are a mixed bag--some fantasies, some accounts of actual experiences, some accounts very erotic, some not.

All of these writings share some common themes from BDSM: discipline, consensual exchange of power, submission to punishment, spankings, beatings, penance.

Stories rule my sexual world to a great extent; click here for more on that.


Much of my writing is fiction/fantasy, but the following pieces describe actual scenes. These pieces are not so much erotic, more like accounts of intense experiences.

Penance at Work

Sunday Detention

Scenes with Alex


Tease, Tease, Pretty Please

Musings on a Signal Whip


My fantasies used to be mainly focused on bare bottom spankings, but for the last five or six years there seems to be a sexual element to my spanking fantasies that wasn't there before. It started changing when I began writing my fantasies down, somehow letting them see the light of day changed how I felt about the fantasies. They didn't work as well as they used to.

There are still times when I get off on a bare bottom spanking story-especially if the humiliation factor is pretty high, and if family stuff is involved, but if I'm making up my own story I usually bring sexual elements into it.

Jumping Jacks

Family Discipline

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I read some of Debbie's written fantasies before either of us was on the WELL, and I was publishing a small magazine. She was so articulate and honest and horny about her subject material it just turned our whole staff on its ear. You changed six women's lives in about 15 minutes, my dear! You're really lucky to be able to articulate and release your erotic mind so willingly.

- Susie Bright, author and sex educator

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