David Brake
PhD Researcher, Internet Consultant and Journalist

I am currently researching a PhD in Media at the London School of Economics and Political Science and my topic is:

Private Lives Lived in Public: Weblogs and Self Performance

I am interviewing personal webloggers in the UK to examine why they do it and the relationship between them and their audiences.

As an Internet consultant I specialise in:

  • The creation and maintenance of virtual communities (working with Rheingold Associates)
  • Helping non-profits and the public sector use Internet technologies to improve their internal processes and to better serve the public (working with the Making the Net Work team)
  • Website strategy, information architecture and editing
  • I recently wrote a book - Dealing with E-mail about all aspects of efficient e-mail use in an organization.

    My work has also included:

  • Education - I am an associate lecturer at the London College of Communications, a graduate teaching assistant at the London School of Economics. Earlier I have been an associate lecturer for "You, Your Computer and the Internet" at the Open University in 2000, and I have spoken at workshops for New Media Knowledge
  • Digital television - Cable and Wireless' groundbreaking service (now part of NTL).

    As a journalist I am particularly interested in:

  • The social, economic and political impact of the Internet
  • The Internet and the voluntary and community sector
  • Consumer electronics
  • Computer games
  • Film

    I have been writing about information technology for 15 years and about the internet for eight, for publications and websites including:

  • The Daily Telegraph
  • ITN Online - the main commercial TV news broadcaster in the UK
  • Wired News
  • Salon
  • The Industry Standard
  • ZDNN (Ziff Davis' Network News)
  • Mindjack
  • Stuff magazine

    I wrote the first internet column in a mainstream UK magazine (Personal Computer World), launched New Scientist's website and went on to join the BBC's News Online website in its early days.

    I have compiled an index of some of my writing.

    For further details

    You'll find a more complete summary of my working life to date in my CV. If you want to know more about my academic interests, you should look at the abstracts of papers I have written - if there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to contact me.

    More about my background

    I lived and studied for 13 years in Canada, getting a BA in English from Trinity College, University of Toronto. After graduation, I moved back to London, England (where I had also spent much of my childhood) and have settled here. Because many of my friends were on the Internet early on I also became an "early adopter" - I have been using Internet email regularly since the mid 80s.