Swivel Bars

©1997, David G. Ballinger

The playing field of this game consist of "tokens" (small solid circles), "cells" (larger circles containing tokens), and "bars" which link most tokens. Tokens are movable if there is an adjacent empty cell for them to move into. The object is to maneuver the red and blue tokens across the playing field into their like-colored cells (i.e., switching their positions). Most of the remaining (black) tokens are linked to other tokens which restricts their movement. A token adjacent to the empty cell can be moved into that cell by clicking on the token. However, linked tokens can only be moved one at a time, in such a way that the token at the other end of the linking bar remains fixed as a "hinge" token and the bar rotates either clockwise or counter-clockwise about this hinge. If this explanation is not very clear, try clicking on some of the tokens and you will get the idea very quickly.

There are several variations of this game, accessible via the pop-down selection box. Some variations have additional colored tokens but the object is always to maneuver these tokens into their like-colored cells.

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