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This page used to exist mainly to advertise my one-person business. Now that I'm no longer in business for myself it's basically just a vanity page. There is some stuff here of interest to friends and family and others who want to be brought up to date on my life. (Click on the "bio" lozenge.) But I also wanted to put some things here that might interest folks who don't know me. To that end I've devised a few entertaining Java applets to provide some diversion and sap your productivity. Explore these by clicking on the lozenges:

FlipTiles - a Java based puzzle game

SwivelBars - a more difficult Java puzzle game.

HexLife - Conway's game of Life adapted to a hexagonal grid.

Low-tech non-Java puzzle game.

A short bio of the curator of the lozenges.

Links to other Java games and puzzles.

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