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BOOKS (with links to, internet bookseller)

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Recommended to me by Rick Kleine, 4/5 grade teacher, Federal Terrace Elementary School, Vallejo, CA.

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Testing the New Teacher
S.F. Examiner, 8/26/98

Nineteen 5th graders swarmed around her. Three boys seated together egged each other on. A handful of timorous types sat patiently, while others giggled and guffawed. In the middle of all this was 27-year-old Christina Velasco, who maintained a composure that belied the daunting reality: It was the first day of school in San Francisco and her very first day of teaching.

Student Discipline Starting Earlier
Contra Costa Times, 7/6/98

An outbreak of shootings by troubled high-schoolers and middle-schoolers marred the last school year. But most teachers will tell you that violent words and deeds show up as early as kindergarten.


Kohn, Alfie. The Risks of Rewards, ERIC, 1994 (abstract)

The Risks of Rewards, ERIC, 1994 (complete article)

Punished by Rewards? A Conversation with Alfie Kohn
Vol. 53, No. 1 September 1995, Ed. Leadership


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