Bob Metcalfe Is one of the daddies of the Internet. He invented Ethernet at Xerox PARC in 1973 and founded 3Com Corporation in 1979, now writes an opinion column (as senior editor and former publisher) for Infoworld.

In late 1995 (sorry I don't have the issue information, it's on-line somewhere at InfoWorld) he wrote a column titled:
"So Maybe We Shouldn't Call it Cyberspace"
in which he discussed several of the descriptive names in use for the Internet and the World Wide Web. He doesn't like cyberspace, prefering Infobahn.

I wrote him an email telling him he was too late, we were already calling it cyberspace (and metaverse, for you Snow Crash fans). I was more than a little pleased to get a thoughtful response of resignation back within a few hours. I love cyberspace!, especially its infobahn!

That's the references, fans. Metcalfe is one of our finest Republicans. I respect him, but who do you know who calls this new frontier the "infobahn"? Now, REALLY?

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