KPFK Transmitter Project
October, 2001 - July, 2002

The following link menu will guide you to the various portions of the project:

On the factory floor

Here is the new 60,000 watt transmitter being tested at the factory in Marcellus, New York.

The first cabinet being delivered Delivery in progress

Off-Loading of the first crate. 1200 pounds!

The next crate It goes right over there

The big iron 600 pounds each

The switchless combiner delivered Where do you want this?

The new transmitter, delivered and ready for assembly Now the real work begins!

Feedline and combiner in the refurbished transmitter building Now the real work really begins!

April, 2002: Progress can be found here.

KPFK operates at 90.7 Mhz with 112,000 watts, 5900 feet above sea level and 5600 feet above Los Angeles, California.

For more about Mt. Wilson, check out my pages about the mountain here.

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