KPFK Transmitter Project
June-July, 2002

June, 2002: The electrical upgrade work is done. THe HVAC system is installed and operational. Now we are installing the high power RF switchgear and testing the new transmitter.

Bob Conger (KPFK Engineer) and Jeff Broque (Armstrong Transmitters) installing the combiner feedline from Transmitter One.

Looking over the new system in the initial stages of construction

Jeff is checking the mount on the 200+ lb. 6" four port RF switch.

The new switchless combiner interconnect

The Antenna switch assembly

Just for fun, a rare view of Mt. Harvard from Red Box Road

On July 11, 2002, the new system was placed on the air. See the final assembly here.

KPFK operates at 90.7 Mhz with 112,000 watts, 5900 feet above sea level and 5600 feet above Los Angeles, California.

For more about Mt. Wilson, check out my pages about the mountain here.

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