Stonehenge Tower, Portland, Oregon

This is a picture of the Stonehenge Tower, in Portland, built in 1990. Gray Haertig was the Project Manager/Engineer for the owner. Total cost (including land, building remodel and owner's transmission equipment) was $7 Million. This structure is currently home to 7 FM's and a whole raftload of other stuff. It is a 600' self-supporting ferro-concrete structure. Five FM's get it together in a Shively balanced combiner with two more (including KBOO) feeding the wideband input using a branch combiner. It all feeds a Jampro Spiral antenna through MYAT 9-3/16" line. An eighth FM will go on a pipe above the main antenna using a Shively 1 bay DA.

Gray has purchased the house next door to the north (right, in the picture) and the property to the north of that which has the 270' tower you can faintly see to the right in the picture. The city is insisting that that tower come down, but Gray is left with an 1,850 sq ft, 1947 art deco transmitter building which gets converted to an artist's loft.

The house was built by an eccentric consulting radio engineer named Harold Singleton. He was instrumental in the design and construction of the first AM DA in the NW, KGW, 620 kHz. He also designed and built the original FM antenna for KRVM, Eugene, the first NCE-FM in Oregon. What is, I believe, the first FM in Oregon, but is definitely the oldest surviving FM in Oregon, is in the building next door to the south that now is the transmitter building serving the Stonehenge tower. KBOO's transmitter was in the garage of the house for the first 8 years of its life, and Gray spent a lot of time there trying to keep it on the air. It is within 40' of elevation of the highest point in the city and (once Gray does some tree trimming) commands a spectacular view of the City, the river and Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Addams, and on a clear day, glimpses of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Jefferson. Harold built the house in 1952.

The picture is a video capture taken by Kevin Rogers, KD7HDN, from his balcony in downtown Portland.

Thanks to Gray Haertig for providing the picture and story!

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