Broadcast Engineering Services of Bonny Doon: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Left: One Bay of the "Alford" Antenna. Empire State Building, NYC
Right: Landing approach at American Tower, Haupu Ridge, Koloa, Hawaii

Some places I visit and work at, around the country....

  • The KHPR tower at Wiliwilinui, O'ahu

  • Two panoramic views from atop Wiliwilinui Ridge, O'ahu

  • The KIPO tower atop Palehua on O'ahu.

  • Some old views of KFAT Radio in Gilroy, California:

  • The KAZU HD digital (IBOC) installation.

  • The K224CQ translator installation.

  • A look at KFMN facilities in Lihue, Kaua'i.

  • A rare look at the WWVH facilities in Kekaha, Kaua'i.

  • KXMT antenna and transmitter project near Taos, New Mexico

  • Building K06NC, a different kind of LPTV station in Hanama'ulu.

  • KPFK antenna and transmitter project at Mt. Wilson, California

  • The original 1959 KPFK transmitter photographs and narrative

  • KTXK antenna and transmitter project at Texarkana, Texas

  • KWMR West Marin Community Radio, Pt. Reyes Station, California

  • A look inside Hawaii Public Radio, Honolulu

  • The Hidden Hills Electronic Site near Monterey, California

  • The KZSC project at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

  • The Stonehenge Tower, Portland, Oregon

  • Mt. Ka'ala, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

  • The NRAO facility in Green Bank, West Virginia

  • A revealing look at radio operations in Tijuana, Mexico

  • The Sirius Radio facility in New York City

  • The KISL antenna installation on Catalina Island

  • The KCET Television installation at Mt. Wilson

  • The KTLA Television installation at Mt. Wilson

  • Pine Mountain, on the Virginia-Kentucky border, translator W217BF Pound, Virginia

  • Brumley Mountain, Virginia, translator site for WMMT's W216BO, Hansonville, Virginia

  • The KKCR tower in Princeville, Kaua'i.

  • Mt. Kahili, on the Garden Island of Kaua'i, antenna site for KKCR Radio

  • Gibralter Peak, above Santa Barbara, California

  • Broadcast Peak, Goleta, California

  • The Mt. Baldy Electronic site in Blaine County, Idaho

  • KSKI, Sun Valley Idaho

  • The view from 10,000 feet above Island Park, Idaho, October, 1998

  • WISE(FM), Wise, Virginia - The tower at Pole Bridge Road

  • The tower at American University, Washington, D.C.

  • The WPFW transmitter installation, March, 2001

  • Inside the tower support structure of the Empire State Building....

  • The hallway on the 81st floor of Empire State. The feedlines for the FM stations line the ceiling...

  • The master/standby antenna switch on the 87th floor of the Empire State building:

  • Some more views at Empire State

  • Looking up at the Antennas at Empire State from the tourist area....

  • The New WBAI studio KU and digital STL installation, August, 1998

  • WPAQ, Mt. Airy, North Carolina

  • Shively 6500-1R, Serial Number 1, Sounding Knob, Virginia - The FM antenna for WLVS

  • Putting together a Shively 6810 Directional FM antenna element.....

  • KMUD in Garberville - The tower....

  • Hanging out.....The WMMT tower on Pine Mountain, Mayking Peak, Kentucky.

  • The KPFA Main Transmitter at Grizzly Peak, above Oakland, California:

  • Some views of KPFA in 1968

  • The KCAH-TV Transmitter (TTC Model XL1000MU):

  • The Original Fremont Peak Tower (now seriously overloaded):

  • The Mount Wilson (Los Angeles) Antenna Farm (nearly 6,000 feet above Pasadena):

  • The WYLD Van, 1987

  • The story (and pictures) of the WVOG/WWOZ tower collapse, March, 1987

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