Sirius Radio, New York

The roof-mounted dishes at Sirius Radio

In August of 2001, I visited the Sirius Radio operation in New York City. Since I have friends who work there, I received a behind-the-scenes tour, along with some now special views that no longer exist.

Looking south from the roof at Sirius
The Empire State Building Left, the now-fallen twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Conde Nast Building on the right.

The Wall of Optimods
These likely contributed much to Bob Orban's retirement fund. This is the processor rack at Sirius.

Sirius Satellite Control Center
The satellite control center at Sirius Radio. The real-time display in the background is one of the largest in the world, over 20 feet tall by 30 feet wide. And it pretty much runs itself!

Hard drive racks, Sirius Radio, New York
Some of the many terrabytes of hard drive space at Sirius.

Control Room at Sirius Radio
One of the many control rooms at Sirius, this one has the computer monitors on a motorized riser. When lowered, desktop space is doubled. A real show-off item.

Interconnect racks and engineering shop
A view past some of the interconnect racks into the engineering shop at Sirius.

Conde Nast Building, NYC
Another view of the Conde Nast Building from the roof of Sirius Radio, New York City.

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