Mt. Wilson Antenna Farms
Angeles National Forest
Los Angeles County, California

This electronic site has some very high-power FM stations, including the following:

KPFK(FM) 90.7 mhz (110,000 watts)
KBIG(FM) 104.3 mhz (105,000 watts)
KLOS(FM) 95.5 mhz (63,000 watts)
KTWV(FM) 94.7 mhz (58,000 watts)
KRTH(FM) 101.1 mhz (51,000 watts)
KCMG(FM) 92.3 mhz (43,000 watts)
KLVE(FM) 107.5 mhz (29,500 watts)
KCBS(FM) 93.1 mhz (28,500 watts)
KPWR(FM) 105.9 mhz (25,000 watts)
KLSX(FM) 97.1 mhz (20,900 watts)
KZLA(FM) 93.9 mhz (18,700 watts)
KMZT(FM) 105.1 mhz (17,600 watts)
KPCC(FM) 89.3 FM (600 watts)

At an average antenna height of 6,000 feet above sea level, 5,500 feet above metropolitan Los Angeles, and 3000 feet above average terrain, this is a superpower site, with typical coverage footprints of 5,000 square miles. The television stations here also have incredible reach because of the height of the site, along with very high effective radiated powers:

KCOP(TV) Ch. 13 (162,000 watts)
KTTV(TV) Ch. 11 (166,000 watts)
KCAL(TV) Ch. 9 (141,000 watts)
KABC(TV) Ch. 7 (159,000 watts)
KTLA(TV) Ch. 5 (44,700 watts)
KNBC(TV) Ch. 4 (44,700 watts)
KCBS(TV): Ch. 2 (36,300 watts)

Some of the antenna and tower systems at "Post Office Hill" or the "Video Road" portion of Mt. Wilson. This, along with a few other select sites in the US, qualifies as an "RF Jungle."

A view of some of the Red Box road sites

A view from the Fox Television section of Mt. Wilson

Looking at the Fox Television section of Mt. Wilson

Some of the massive self-supporting towers built by Tower Structures, Minden, Nevada. KABC (TV7) on the left, KCAL (TV9) on the right. Two new towers (center) have gone up in the past year (2001-2002).

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