Ceramics by Glenna
Artist's Statement
As an artist, I'm delighted with the mysteries and surprises that come from the unconscious. I enjoy starting off with one idea and watching it change on its own into something else. I've argued with clay and the clay has often won out. Sometimes a female refuses to give in to the male that I thought I was making. Sometimes a character refuses to sit. And sometimes what I'm working on decides the life I wished to give it is not the life it wants, and it takes a dive off the table. I might like the shape left on the floor, or I might just sweep it up. Either way, the adventure is delightful.

I'm mainly interested in relationships between characters. My series on dancing couples involves the love they have for each other. The tribal council series is more impersonal and embodies their own private politics. Each individual represents some aspect of life, including impossible evolution and the weather.
I chose to focus on sculptures several years ago. At that time I had been working in clay and photography and studying voice over. I had some health issues, and as I reflected on my life, I realized that as an artist, I needed to take time to dig more deeply into one of these adventures, and I chose clay.

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