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Why "Wee Cottage"?

Well, actually it's not a cottage at all, but a little box made of tickie tacky on a hillside. But it is a bit over a half a block from the Pacific Ocean and it's as close to a Wee Cottage By The Sea as I'm ever likely to get, and besides, I like the name.

Who is Wee Cottage?

Me; four cats; a finite (I hope) but (apparently) unbounded collection of books; three sewing machines; a fluctuating number of computers (which I hope to get down to one if I can ever get everything loaded on to it; and an even more fluctuating population of friends and family and the occasional boarder.

Why the Wee Cottage home page?

Why not? Or, to paraphrase Lion in Winter: It's the 21st century and we all have home pages. (Astute readers will notice that I actually got around to changing this from the 20th century only 5 to 17 months (depending how you count) into the next one. What can I say?) At any rate, I thought I'd toss something up here as a place holder until I got around to doing something with actual content.

What makes this home page different from all other home pages?

It's more boring, for one thing. Honest, I intend to have some real content here Real Soon Nows. In the mean time, here is a short list of links to cool places my friends and I hang out or like.

Who is this Goodston Person anyway?

Good question. Depends on how I'm feeling at the time, I guess. For a quick visual you can check out my current favorite picture, I'm the one with the book in my hand. If you want to get in touch with me, I'm


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