Station Rose are Hosts of the Frankfurt Conference as part of World Wide Jam Conversations at electric minds, an Online Community.

our 2 primary responsibilities are the creation of articles and editorial material on what is interesting in germany and austria, as well as the facilitation of online conversations between Electric Minds participants from all over the world ! ;-)
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WorldWide Jam: is a global multimedia jam session, led by an ensemble of savvy observers of digital culture in Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco, London, Frankfurt and several other cities. WorldWide Jam connects a global group of multimedia artists, programmers and writers in a collaborative environment of ideas, images, animation and music.
Each destination weaves contributed articles and online conversations to create a stimulating, lively and informative forum for exchange.
Participants can join a session in process or review a historical re-cap of
discussions that occurred while they were away.

some of the hottest Frankfurt topic titles are:

3  Conference Introductions 
4  TIME as a new Grenzbereich. 
5  GUNAFA-Soundz by Gary Danner 
6  Music in The Age of Multimedia 
7  Nature is Cool 
10 Digital Tools 
11 Berlin, Berlin 
12 Frankfurt by day & night 
13 Station Rose-Anis

and the Gunafa Café. 
Frankfurt reports:none of these links will work now due to the migration to another system (9/97), ´ but we think the pix are just to beautiful to be erased, doncha think ;-)
Frankfurt report#1: Goin' Gunafa in Germany
The state of digital life and the real-time
meaning of Gunafa.
Frankfurt report#2: "FFM goes East"

Frankfurt techno clubs are taking a turn

east, which according to jammers Station

Rose, means a return to substance in the

German music scene.

Frankfurt report#3: Ars Electronica Center

Leaving their studio in Frankfurt proves worth the trip for Jammers

Station Rose as they explore the new year-round Ars Electronica Center in

Linz, Austria.







Frankfurt report#4: Documenta goes Online

Station Rose visits Documenta,

for a Frankfurt report on the

old and new sides of this

established avant-garde



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