Station Rose: Frankfurt's Cybertwins

By Day: Gary Danner and Elisa Rose

By night, they are Station Rose. Artists, technology lovers, iconoclasts, they discovered each other growing up in Linz, Austria. After a sojourn in Egypt and other travels, a pilgrimage from which their mantra,


derives, Station Rose started mixing techno music, computer-generated graphics, real-time online communication, and public performances.

I met them at Cyberthon the seminal late-eighties event that some called "Nerdstock." For twenty four hours, the people who would become the digital culture of the nineteen nineties, converged from all over the world on a warehouse in San Francisco's industrial outskirts. Station Rose was there, direct from Vienna.

By night, they are Station Rose

My pals Tex and Hillarie had volunteered to be their hosts. Because Gary and Elisa exclaim "GUNAFA" to celebrate moments of high creative fervor, Tex dubbed them The Gunafa Twins. They road the train all night to meet the Rheingolds in Paris, and they stayed in our house in California while we were in Amsterdam. Mostly, we e-mail.

Here is the first Station Rose report from Frankfurt, Spring 1995 a rant about the origins, significance, and future of the Techno scene in Germany. Don't miss the sound clip.

In their second report, The Cybertwins Revisit Vienna