Lionel Lumbroso Brainstorms Paris

Lionel Lumbroso, who has been patiently awaiting the arrival of online culture in Paris for more than a decade, is jumping onto the roadshow, at my insistence. Five weeks ago, I showed him what a Web page looks like. I told him how to use a browser to view html source. Today, May 27, 1995, I found in my email box a perfectly html formatted page, accompanied by perfectly formatted .gifs, all ready to upload. Lionel, as you will see, gets the picture very quickly with new technologies. As soon as he gets his new QuickTake fired up, I'm looking forward to some timely Lionel pix of Parisians doing digital things.
Lionel Lumbroso

Here's a chance to watch what happens as many-to-many communication hits a new culture. And not just any culture. Paris. And not just any observer. A Parisian who has a strong point of view and a well-tested reality/merde detector when it comes to the online business. His first report is from Paris, year zero of the Internet age.